Sports Skills: Basketball


  • Use fingers not palm to control the ball.
  • Push ball down to ground and let the ball ease back up into your hand.
  • Keep ball below waist height.
  • Keep head up and try not to look at the ball.
  • Knees stay bent.

Speed dribble

  • Push the ball out in front on same side of body as dribbling hand.

Crossover dribble

  • Use crossover to change direction while dribbling.
  • Lean forward slightly and push the ball across and in front of the body to the other hand.
  • Keep the ball low and use a body movement similar to a side step.

Two handed chest pass

  • Keep eyes on target and hold the ball with fingers in front of chest.
  • Spread fingers and thumbs behind the ball.
  • Step forward onto the front foot, aim for receiver’s chest and push the ball forward.
  • Follow through with fingers pointing toward target.

Two handed overhead pass

  • Grip the ball directly above head with fingers of both hands.
  • Stand with one foot in front of the other with weight slightly on your back foot.
  • Keep eyes on target (receiver’s chest).
  • Transfer weight onto front foot, bring arms forward, snap wrists and release ball.

Baseball pass

  • Stand side on to the target with weight on back foot.
  • Cradle the ball with throwing hand and take it back into the over-arm throwing position.
  • Transfer your weight on to the front foot, rotate hips and bring your arm through at head level.
  • Bring your arm forwards, snap wrist and release ball.


  • Hold the ball with fingers spread around and underneath ball.
  • Guide the ball using non-shooting hand on side of ball.
  • Keep the ball on same side of the body as shooting hand.
  • Feet should be shoulder width apart and bent.

Jump shot

  • Push the ball using one smooth action from your chest toward target, using your legs to help push upwards.
  • Snap your wrists on release of the ball and follow through with your hand in ‘dead duck’ position.
  • Keep your eye on target rather than following flight of the ball.

Sports Skills: Soccer

Receiving: Chest

  • Pull in your chest quickly on impact with the ball to let the ball drop to the ground. Dribbling and stopping.

Receiving: Thighs

  • Keep your thigh flexed but relax it upon impact with the ball letting the ball drop to the ground.

Receiving: Top of foot

  • Use the top of your foot to cushion the ball.

Receiving: Sole of foot

  • As the ball approaches, lift trapping foot high enough for the ball to get under the sole.
  • Hold heel at an angle to rebound the ball down.

Receiving: Inside of foot

  • Turn side-on and raise receiving foot to meet the ball.
  • Make sure your foot is angled so the ball will not rebound forward.
  • ‘Give’ with your foot to cushion the impact.

Receiving: Outside of foot

  • Turn and swing your receiving foot across in front of your body.
  • The side of your foot should be angled so that the ball will not rebound forward.
  • ‘Give’ with your foot to cushion the impact.

Push pass

  • Non-kicking foot is placed to the side of the ball.
  • Keep eyes focused on the ball with body slightly bent forward.
  • Pass the ball using the inside of your foot.
  • Your kicking foot follows through for accuracy.

In-step kick

  • Approach the ball straight on, placing the non-kicking foot beside the ball.
  • Eyes stay on the ball, body bent slightly forward.
  • Point toes of kicking foot down, heel up and ankle rigid.
  • Contact the centre of the ball with instep and follow through.

Dribbling and stopping

  • Take short steps when running with the ball so you can change direction quickly and easily.
  • Strike and receive the ball with the inside of the foot.

Throw in

  • Hold the ball in both hands over head.
  • Step forward but not over the side line.
  • Both feet must be on the ground when ball is released.

Goal keeping

  • Keep body between the ball and the goal.
  • Try to catch the ball with both hands and bring the ball back into body.
  • If the ball cannot be caught or trapped, it should be deflected or punched away to the sides of the goal.

Goal shooting

  • Make contact with the full instep of your boot.
  • Lean slightly over the ball.
  • Keep head down and eyes on the ball.
  • Follow through in the direction of the target.

Heading the ball

  • Strike ball using front part of forehead.
  • Keep eyes open.
  • Push head forward to meet the ball.