Healthy Eating Plate

Kids know they have to eat well, but do they know how much of each food type they should be eating?

The Healthy Eating Plate is an excellent guide to the correct proportion of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables in a meal.

As children are constantly growing, their needs are different. Generally, a plate for an active child should be split into 3 equal portions:

1/3 protein meat, fish, chicken or legumes
1/3 carbohydrates cooked rice, pasta or potato
1/3 vegetables vegetables or salad

Read our Healthy Active Kids booklet and learn how to LIVE. BETTER.

Lunchbox Tips

A variety ensures children obtain a range of essential nutrients, essential for their growth and development, and keeps them alert throughout the school day.
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Create the Perfect lunchbox

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Are you properly hydrated?

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